Japan Dreaming

The Millinery Association of Australia have made it possible for me to go to Japan in 2014 to investigate the millinery industry there. There are 3 main areas I'm interested in. The high end couture millinery with it's techniques and materials not familiar to us in Australia. I hope to learn some new skills to pass on to Australian practitioners. There is a vibrant culture of every day hat wearing which I would like to learn about too. We have such a busy time around our prime racing seasons and then for the rest of the year our tools go cool as we dream about the next racing season!!!
The third area of interest is the Japanese method of making silk flowers. We make flowers here in the French style, which is lovely. The Japanese have an enduring culture of silk flower making with their own special silks and dyes for hand colouring the silk...
I look forward to further research and to reporting my findings to you as I go.