Tips for buying hats online

 The most beautiful thing about the internet for us all is that it strips away distance, wherever I am now I can enter a search title and find amazing treasures from all over the world. Buying online is becoming more of a familiar activity, simply by using  Paypal or a credit card it's possible to buy and wait for the product to turn up.
Since the recent upgrade of this website I have been able to meet the needs of clients in remote Queensland, country Victoria and central Melbourne (where I am based). 
Here are a few tips for buying millinery on line to make the most pleasant experience possible.

orders will be processed within 2 working days of receipt of payment, allow plenty of time for delivery, or be prepared to pay for express postage if you have less than a week before you need your piece.
the best products for purchase online are those that will fit all sizes. A lot of the pieces with hair band fittings will be very easy to fit for this reason.
look closely at the images on the site & feel free to ask questions by email or over the phone.
when you go to the "buy now" page you will notice a padlock on the address bar, this means it is a secure page. Information entered on the page is encrypted before it is transmitted to ensure your privacy.
alternatively you can use Paypal which transmits the payment without revealing the card details to the payee.
your contact information is never shared with any other company.

Please contact us if you have any questions about buying on line.